Monday, November 30, 2009

In A Perfect World: An Introduction.

Today I began work on my newest novel called "In A Perfect World". It's mostly a depressing and constantly changing world filled with death, deceit, and popular fanaticism. As the book progresses we'll follow the change of appearance and emotion of our many heroes. Starting with the untimely death of their beloved family member and closest friend. As parents, siblings, and best friends have to cope with the fact that their world is just a little emptier.

Plot (Book 1):
A simple man, lost to the world and flow of time, needs to make a deposit into his bank account. His best friend, who spends many of their lunch breaks with him, will accompany him on his last lunch ever. As they enter the bank they immediately can tell somethings not quite right as a gun is slung into their faces and they are forced to the ground. Our simple man was never a cowardly one, and always acted without thinking, and he must now make the last decision of his ending life. To act or hide. He thinks quickly and jumps up. Running head on at the closest man with a gun. He's determined to save these peoples lives. Then the shot rings out. Our hero falls to the ground. His heart has already stopped. A man shot in cold blood, his story has ended, but the people his death will touch have only just begun.

Plot (Book 2):
A simple man, making no real ripples in the ocean of people of the world, needs to withdraw some money from the bank. His best friend, who has become busy as of late is spending a rare lunch break with him, will accompany him to a routine trip to the bank. As they enter the bank everything is as it should be for not even a second. Behind them rushes in 3 men clad in black and firing weapons at the ceiling. Everyone hits the ground. Our hero watches as the men begin taking hostages and lining the walls with them. He approaches the man's best friend, and in a split second his entire life of fear and going unnoticed ends as he jumps and grabs the man's gun and pulls the trigger the one time necessary to remove his life from his body. He then hides behind the closest object and somehow manages to take the other one, and in fear the last gunman runs for the door, only to be killed by the policemen outside. His entire life has changed, he was a hero, but there's something wrong. He can't help but feel the guild and displeasure of watching the men he killed over and over. As the life rushed from their bodies and their eyes drained of any color. He felt like he was to be blamed no less than the men that came to kill him that day. He put his own gun to his head, and took one more life that day. Our heroes story might have ended, but the people his lives have touched, their stories, will just be beginning.