Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Oh, if I ran Hollywood.... (Part 1)

Scenario A:
I walk into an office, a very curious executive tells me to pitch my idea.

Here goes:

Everyone has seen Jaws. Everyone has seen Tremors. Very good movies. Very bad sequels.
If the guys who made Fast and the Furious can make a 4th movie that pretends like their terrible sequels never existed so can we. I would take the image of jaws coming out of the water, put it on the poster with the Tremor coming out of the ground toward the house with it's mouth open, and call my new movie JAWSQUAKE! In it, Jaws has found a secret underground waterway and swam into some nuclear radiation. Giving him the ability to also be a mole. He can swim through dirt and earth like it was not even there. He'll then proceed to attack the cast throughout the movie, and in the end. He'll kill everyone.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Band Spotlights: Some Things Better Said.

In this day age, where the musical scene not only slowly blends together more and more every day, the ever expanding void of the internet makes it harder and harder to find respectable talented musicians. Enter Some Things Better Said, blending the age old talent of a man and his guitar style music, and actual raw talent it's hard to pass up this artist on a whim. The difficulty of finding an artist you can truly relate to, even respect for that matter, ends your search here. Without releasing a single album, without the fandom of a cult following, and without even the slightest proof to back up his undeniable talent, this man has the ability to win over hearts with self made demos alone. Spilling his heart out over soft, gentle guitars, yet still managing to wriggle their way into your soul, and not only force you to feel the pain he's painting pictures of with his words, but also any moment of joy, caring, or human situation he wants you to. A life story on paper each song progresses you further into the delightful life of this madman. There's much to be said for this up and coming artist, and any help is appreciated, all anyone ever asked for was a chance, at least this guy deserves it.


Some Things Better Said.