Sunday, December 6, 2009

Band Spotlights: December 2009

Once a month during "Band Spotlight" posts I'll talk about the top 3-5 bands I've been listening to that month. I'll post links so you can go enjoy them as well. Again, I'll only be doing this once a month, because this really isn't a music blog, but as anyone knows music will drive the soul to new and creative points.

1. Star Fucking Hipsters:

Blending elements of Punk, Pop Punk, Ska, and Hardcore influence this group of rag-tag members of both together and separated bands plow through politically driven tunes of angst and positive messages.

2. Circa Survive:

Ambient, fast, high-pitches, and powerful are probably the most commonly used words when describing Circa Survive as the band plays their melodic and precise melodies behind Anthony Green's high octave, and sometimes off key and whiny, screams, lyrics, and all around insanity.

3. The Paperbacks:

I don't really know what to say about Winnipeg's The Paperbacks, except they're just amazing. I really just got into them, but I still highly recommend them anyone.


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